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The Word Without Walls Podcast

Nov 23, 2022

Joseph sends for Jacob, and Jacob journeys to Egypt. Jacob’s life is especially illustrative of the children of God (also known as children of promise, which is illustrative of our regenerate soul). Jacob’s sojourn in this world (in his physical body) includes time in Egypt. Jacob’s family is reunited and he receives Joseph back from the dead with the addition of Joseph’s two sons. Jacob will pass away in body in Egypt, but will be buried with his father Isaac and grandfather Abraham back in the Promised Land. The next book of Old Testament history is Exodus, which will record how human nature becomes enslaved to the prince of this world, the corruption of this world, and the passions and lusts of the corruption of our flesh. The holy family--Joseph, Mary, and Jesus--will travel into and out of Egypt as part of Jesus’ work of redeeming us from bondage to sin, death, and the devil.