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The Word Without Walls Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

After Jesus is tempted in the wilderness, He begins His ministry in the north.  Why is that important?  

This passage is also an example of themes we see that connect all four Gospels.  What is that connectedness?  

Dec 29, 2020

In this text, we see Jesus experiencing the second and third temptations from the devil in the wilderness. The devil tries to use God's Word, but out of context and for the opposite of its purpose.  That worked with Adam and Eve; why didn't it work with Jesus? 

We also see the devil take Jesus to a mountaintop.  When God...

Dec 23, 2020

In this passage, Jesus experiences the first of three temptations in the wilderness.  The first—turning stones to bread—is the temptation to become selfish and succumb to intense longings for food. Yet, that is not the most important thing in life. What is the one thing that man can’t live without?

Dec 21, 2020

Why was Jesus tempted in the wilderness?  Why did the Holy Spirit lead him there?  Learn about this, and how Jesus retraced the steps of Israel (but perfectly) in His early life.

Dec 19, 2020

John the Baptist is confused about why he should baptize the Lord.  But what does Jesus’ baptism reveal?  We also see the Holy Trinity in this passage—the public witness about the identity of Jesus as He begins His public ministry.