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The Word Without Walls Podcast

Dec 12, 2023

In this episode, hear the readings for Advent 1: Isaiah 64:1-9, 1 Corinthians 1:3-9, and Matthew 13:24-37.  Also, hear a meditation based on the reading.  What if these readings indicate the first true gift of Christmas?  What if Christmas isn't about getting, but about taking away?

Jun 2, 2023

This passage begins the account of the upper room on Maundy Thursday.

  • Note verse 3; it is very important. There are three parts to it, and they explain everything.
  • Jesus washes the disciples' feet.  What truths does this act reveal?

Jan 30, 2023

The gospel or “good message” of the Bible is NEVER anything that sounds like a condition you have to meet, like “you can be saved if….”


One of the essential elements of the good message—evident all through Jesus’ teaching in the New Testament—is that “YOU CAN’T HAVE TO.”


Consider an...

Jan 17, 2023

What is the connection between the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of religion as a means of obtaining that happiness?  How about the brief and vulnerable nature of materialistic happiness, the burden of saving oneself as counterproductive in the pursuit of happiness?

Contrast all that with a religion where all...

Nov 30, 2022

Everything in the Bible and human history is a result of what is recorded in Genesis 1--3. Biblical history points to and then flows from the fulfillment of God’s promises of a Savior, evident in the Gospels that record the life of Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary....