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The Word Without Walls Podcast

Apr 24, 2020

The modern idea of abandoning religion to be captains of our own destiny sounds exciting ... but how is it working out? 

This episode considers God's design of the universe, as written in Genesis 1 and 2. But by Genesis 3, this perfect design had already been destroyed by the insertion of a one-dimensional, Red Pyramid world.  Since Adam, people have been seeking power and control by physical force.  

As we consider the world today, there seems to be an underlying pessimism and apathy with those whom I encounter, especially young adults, who have the opinion that there are no good answers to life's most important questions. So they have just given up and look to escape to find happiness.  And the happiness people pursue becomes more and more fragile.    

It's necessary for us to be alert to the view point of the the world in which we live, and why it works that way.  But it's not working.  As we work through these ideas, remember there is another world view to consider.