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The Word Without Walls Podcast

Jun 29, 2023

Maundy Thursday evening in the upper room continues.  Look at verse 24 and consider--how is our joy made full?  How should we ask for things in Jesus' name?

Jun 26, 2023

Maundy Thursday evening in the Upper Room continues.

  • From verse 4, how will the disciples remain with Jesus in the future?
  • Look at verse 7.  Why did Jesus say it was better for Him to go away?
  • What is so marvelous about verse 14?
  • In verse 20, what helpful things does Jesus have to say about grief?

Jun 24, 2023

Maundy Thursday in the upper room continues; Jesus warns his disciples to expect the world to hate them.  In this episode, I mention the different aspects of the Gospel.  You can learn more about that on podcast episode 17, found

Jun 19, 2023

As Jesus continues to speak to His disciples on Maundy Thursday evening, we can consider:

  • From verse 2, how does God "prune" each of us?
  • In verses 5-6, what could be more clear than Jesus' words for our human ego?
  • How can Jesus be so bold in His words in verse 7?
  • See verse 9.  How do we abide in Jesus' love?
  • What is...

Jun 16, 2023

The account of Maundy Thursday evening continues.  Here are some items of note:

  • In verse 26, see the clear reference to to the Trinity
  • What is the peace of which Jesus speaks?
  • Who is the "ruler of this world" mentioned in verse 30?