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The Word Without Walls Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

Jacob goes to Laban’s and makes a vow on the way. Can we make deals with God?

Oct 26, 2022

Isaac blesses Jacob, not Esau. Here is a typical scenario of human relationships--all the result of Esau’s appetite and ego concerning his birthright and Rebekah and Jacob doing what they can to make sure Esau doesn’t get away with it. Indeed, we weave tangled webs.

Oct 25, 2022

In this chapter's account of Isaac and Abimelech, the pattern of Abraham is  repeated; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. How many of us repeat the failures of those who precede us and even repeat our own failures?

Such is the nature of Adam’s corruption in us and, by contrast, the perfection of Christ.  Jesus...

Oct 24, 2022

This episode discusses:

  • Abraham and Keturah
  • Abraham’s death and burial
  • the children of Ishmael and Isaac
  • Esau selling his birthright

Oct 21, 2022

Abraham sends his servant back to Sarah’s family to find a wife for Isaac. Notice the fidelity of the servant, as well as the providence of God and people’s recognition of it, especially that romance follows fundamentals.