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The Word Without Walls Podcast

Nov 30, 2022

Everything in the Bible and human history is a result of what is recorded in Genesis 1--3. Biblical history points to and then flows from the fulfillment of God’s promises of a Savior, evident in the Gospels that record the life of Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary....

Nov 29, 2022

Jacob’s burial is recorded, followed by his sons' fear of Joseph and plea for mercy. Genesis concludes with a simple statement of what all of history reveals, especially the life of Jesus, the life of Job, and Paul’s observation in Romans 8:28 and 2 Corinthians 4:16-18: God makes all things work together for good.

Nov 28, 2022

Jacob’s last words to his other sons are a reflection on each son’s history and character. We might also find it interesting to remember Jacob’s words about each son as we read their history in the rest of the Old Testament. Notice how much more time Jacob spends on Judah, from whom the promised Savior will...

Nov 25, 2022

Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons, reversing birth order against Joseph’s complaint, impressing us again with the contrast between the less significant formalities of physical life and the truly significant substantiveness of the life that God works in us by means of His promises.

Nov 24, 2022

The famine continues and Joseph’s wise service to Pharaoh is impressive.  Over the years, the people spend their money, livestock, lands, and then their own lives for bread; thus they are impoverished and Pharaoh is enriched. Still, Joseph lets the people live in their homes and on their lands and keep four-fifths of...